Security solutions as unique as your business.

Lyrical Security is the anti-cookie-cutter cybersecurity services firm. We deliver standardized services with the flexibility to meet your unique needs. No kitchen sink. No unnecessarily complex software suite.

Lyrical keeps us a step ahead instead of scrambling to react. No wasted time. They get the job done.

IT Director

Healthcare Technology Company

They made security make sense. Thanks to Lyrical Security, I have the insight I need to make intelligent decisions quickly.


Financial Services Company

Lyrical is everything we wanted in a partner. More secure. More adaptive. More for our money.


Digital Marketing Company

They took the time to help us understand our risk. Lyrical isn't just a service provider... They're a part of our team.

Head of Information Security

Energy Field Services
A man combs through cybersecurity logs on his laptop.

Expert security services for busy teams.

Your risk and security goals are always changing. How you protect yourself should too.

Lyrical Security delivers solutions purpose-built and tailored to your business’s unique situation and needs. By partnering with Lyrical, you have access to a team of specialists and experts who can find and fill gaps, identify risks and optimizations, and help you achieve your cybersecurity goals.

We work with you to plan and implement security strategies, projects, and deliver managed services that ensure your environment and policies are modern, scalable, and secure.

Understand your risk. Understand your environment
Retake control.

A secure environment isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a must and your business is depending on it.
Every business deserves enterprise-quality security services and managed solutions to get your cybersecurity environment meeting or beating the industry’s best practices. That's where we come in.

Gain better visibility into your ecosystem.
Better visibility
Gain access to better decision making.
Better decision making
Protect yourself from cyber threats.
Better protection
Experts in crafting 1-to-1 security solutions tailored to your business.

At Lyrical, we don’t sell you stuff you don’t need, we help you solve your business’s unique cybersecurity problems. Lean, relevant services. No kitchen-sink software suite.

Let’s get your systems air-tight and make sure they stay that way.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies find their gaps, fill them, and make sure they’re never caught off guard. Maintain the flow of business while you build out your security maturity.

Meet and beat industry best practices with a team of experts in your corner.

Strategize with a team of cybersecurity experts. Extend your capabilities with a team of professionals driven to deliver the solutions you need.

A woman looks through security logs.

Services to maintain the flow of business.

Threat actors need to get it right once. You need to be ready all the time.

That’s why we brought together experts across high-impact, critical, niche areas of the cybersecurity services, and managed solutions ecosystem.

Whatever your problem, no matter how complex, our team of professionals works with your team to get things fixed fast and to put the systems in place so your team can rest easy knowing your ecosystem is air-tight today and safe for tomorrow.

Keep your business moving and growing with expert service providers that operate more like team members.

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How we help.

Advisory Services

Services for teams who are looking for cybersecurity guidance

Managed Services

Managed offerings for businesses that lack bandwidth or need niche expertise.

Professional Services

For teams that need support managing cybersecurity investments or niche projects.

Offensive Security

Services for teams that need a third party to test their systems.

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