Strengthen your offering with Lyrical.

If you're interested in partnering with Lyrical Security to strengthen your offering or what it is that you offer to customers, you've come to the right place.

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Join an integrated team of service, tech, and delivery professionals

Going farther, together.

At Lyrical, we partner with technology, channel, service delivery partners committed to helping organizations solve complex cybersecurity problems quickly and completely. We're always looking for strategic partners to join our network. Working together, we can improve security for everyone.

Protect your customers. Reinforce your offering.

Do you and your team help clients better understand, optimize, or establish their cybersecurity tech stack, practices, and policies?

At Lyrical, we're deeply committed to helping our strategic partners better serve their clients, elevate security maturity, and provide a more robust solution to cybersecurity challenges.

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Deliver stronger solutions and projects with Lyrical

Whether you help companies solve complex cybersecurity problems or deliver a critical software product, offer your customers a more complete solution but partnering with Lyrical. Deliver more value to customers by integrating Lyrical into your service, delivery, projects, etc. We're better together.

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Customer-centric pre-sales support

Looking to become a channel partner? We have expertise across all ends of the cybersecurity environment and can help you help your customers nail their security goals from project scoping to wrap-up. Need Support hashing out a project plan or tech implementation? We're here to help.

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Differentiate through partnership

Due to Lyrical's wide array of professional and managed services, we can help you stand out in your field. By partnering with Lyrical, you access an array of professional and managed services, in addition to a deep bench of cybersecurity experts. Let's work together to make what you do even better.

Partner Spotlight

"They (Lyrical) are always phenomenal. I look at them as an extension of Softchoice. If you look at the amount of security partners that Softchoice engages with, within our whole team we’ve narrowed it down... and Lyrical is at the top."

Dominic Orlando

Senior Partner Solutions Specialist, Softchoice
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